Renovation and montage


Because of two heavy rainy seasons the hospital needed urgently new paint. With the help of people of the village our team painted all walls.

Beside this we did several repairings und installed a new webaccess and assembled the new furniture and technique. The kids “helped” us a lot so that we could finish all works in time.

The Container reached the Sage Hospital


The Container reached the Sage Hospital

In the morning of the 6th of november our group and the container reached the SAGE HOSPITAL in Warang, Senegal. We were very happy that everything we packed was still there.

Nearly half of the village came to see and help bringing the staff into the hospital. It was the beginning of a ten days work for nine members and friends of the SAGE HOSPITAL e.V.

Economic Crisis


As a reason of this year’s worldwide economic crisis and the depressive athmosphere we were not able to organise a charity event for 2009. We are looking forward to a better 2010 and a continuation
of our charity event series. Still the hospital is running normally as the daily business is warranted through clever planning and optimal use of financial ressources.

The project is still being controlled in and from Berlin.

Our journey through customs


Everybody knows of problems that can occur when you’re shipping aid goods around the world but until something happens to yourself you don’t know how hard it can get. It took us 18 hours in Dakar with more than 8 official spots at the airport and in the city we had to go to including waiting time, skirmish and legal formalities to have customs inspect our goods. After hours of sweating and anxious waiting our goods finally went through and could be sent to the hospital. Thank you Mr. Issa Konaté who helped us through red-tape operations.

Renovation work completed


After 5 months of planning and 3 weeks of construction work renovation work in Warand has been completed. Reliable electricity has been ensured, small defects have been repaired, roofs been sealed and the whole hospital been painted inside as well as outside. Thank you very much to the local team, above all Schraddi, Sven and Morsch, who have been giving their eyeteeth.

Trip to Senegal 03 – Warang, school for Nianing, harbour of MBour


Through taking stock on site next year’s service was guaranteed. We also visited the neighbouring village Nianing’s elementary school which has been supported with educational material and is part of
partnership programs with German families.

Trip to Senegal 02 – work at the hospital


During a 3-week period Sage Hospital club members and volunteers together with helping hands from Warang are carrying out repairs on and in the building: The roofs of hospital, waiting room, pharmacy and midwife house will be repaired and sealed. All facades as well as interior walls will be levelled out and painted. The 10KW emergency power generator as well as refrigerators for drugs will be installed and put into operation.

Trip to Senegal 01 – Warang, MBour


All club members as well as volunteers are travelling to Senegal. Parallel to the trip the compiled goods such as drugs, clothes, specs as well as tools, construction material and an emergency power
generator will be shipped to the hospital.


We are preparing this year’s delivery of essential drugs and consumer goods to the hospital. We are also in conversation with the German and Senegalese embassy about transport and import of relief supplies. Necessary repairs are planned as well as the compilation of tools and construction materials which will be transported by Lufthansa Cargo this October.

Begehung im Krankenhaus


Besuch im Krankenhaus mit Begehung und Festlegung der nötigen Reparatur- und Ausbaumassnahmen für 2008

Trip to the Hospital


The Berlin team visits Senegal to meet with the ambassador of Senegal Cheikh SYLLA and his advisor Abdou Aziz NDIAYE. They also meet with the responsible prefect of the Warang region and with Mr. Lamine Diawara, Ingenieur in Thies, to plan the construction of an incinerator for used medial equipment such as injection needles, cannulas, etc.

They visit Thies’ nurse and midwife training centre to talk about further co-operations and had a site meeting for the new maternity unit McKAY.

New web access


The hospital’s internet access is up and running – after installing a reliable internet connection in the hospital online communication between the Senegal house and Berlin headquarter is now possible.

Finishing the renovation


The first renovation is completed. Midwife accommodation, waiting room, and dispensary are finished.

Beginning to build


Building starts on the extension which is to house midwife accommodation, waiting room and dispensary.

New Roof


Reconstruction of the roof of the hospital in Warang with the help from donations from guests of the Sage Club.