Senegal 2013 – Working for SAGE HOSPITAL


1000 thanks to Ein Herz für Kinder, the forwarding ITG, and the many many volunteers in Berlin and on the trip.
You all have made ​​it possible, to achieve such a great result.

Arriving of the Container 2012 at SAGE HOSPITAL


After nearly four weeks on the ship the container finally reached the hospital during our stay there. Althoug customs in Senegal took some days we got everything and installed all the equipment.

Again special thanks to ITG who made this transport possible!

Renovation and montage


Because of two heavy rainy seasons the hospital needed urgently new paint. With the help of people of the village our team painted all walls.

Beside this we did several repairings und installed a new webaccess and assembled the new furniture and technique. The kids “helped” us a lot so that we could finish all works in time.

The Container reached the Sage Hospital


The Container reached the Sage Hospital

In the morning of the 6th of november our group and the container reached the SAGE HOSPITAL in Warang, Senegal. We were very happy that everything we packed was still there.

Nearly half of the village came to see and help bringing the staff into the hospital. It was the beginning of a ten days work for nine members and friends of the SAGE HOSPITAL e.V.