Our journey through customs


Everybody knows of problems that can occur when you’re shipping aid goods around the world but until something happens to yourself you don’t know how hard it can get. It took us 18 hours in Dakar with more than 8 official spots at the airport and in the city we had to go to including waiting time, skirmish and legal formalities to have customs inspect our goods. After hours of sweating and anxious waiting our goods finally went through and could be sent to the hospital. Thank you Mr. Issa Konaté who helped us through red-tape operations.

Trip to Senegal 03 – Warang, school for Nianing, harbour of MBour


Through taking stock on site next year’s service was guaranteed. We also visited the neighbouring village Nianing’s elementary school which has been supported with educational material and is part of
partnership programs with German families.

Trip to Senegal 02 – work at the hospital


During a 3-week period Sage Hospital club members and volunteers together with helping hands from Warang are carrying out repairs on and in the building: The roofs of hospital, waiting room, pharmacy and midwife house will be repaired and sealed. All facades as well as interior walls will be levelled out and painted. The 10KW emergency power generator as well as refrigerators for drugs will be installed and put into operation.

Trip to the Hospital


Trip to Senegal, accompanied by the documentary camera team.

Arrival of 3 tons of freight (medical equipment, medical supplies and clothing etc.)

Topping-out ceremony and official ‘adoption’ of the Hospital by The Sage Hospital e.V. , attended by Presidential aids.

Donations go to the “Joal”, youth football club.