To a large extent West Africa is scarred by poverty and disease creating a climate of hopelessness for the population.

Sage Hospital e.V was set up in October 2003 to address the obvious need to provide effective, lasting and direct help in the region. Specifically this took the form of support for a hospital in Warang, Senegal, reached two hours by car south of Dakar. The e.V. effectively ‘adopted’ it. In short, its goal was to help set it up, sustain it and broaden its function for at least the next ten years.

The hospital in Warang was originally built with the support of the government, and after completion it was handed over the town committee to administrate it. This unfortunately led to financial and organisational problems resulting in the near bankruptcy and dereliction of the hospital. The result of this was that it was failing the needs of the local population.

In October 2003 Sage Hospital e.V stepped in, and by the end of that year had provided the hospital with desperately needed medical and technical equipment. The building itself was also renovated and an extension built. Since then, seven full time medical staff has been appointed serving around 700 patients a month. As well as Dr Amie Labou, the Head Physician, there are two trained nurses and four carers.



When we took over the hospital it wasn’t more than a ruin. In the following years more and more voluntary supporters came to Warang to – together with locals – reconstruct and expand the whole area.

Apart from new roofs, a sheltered waiting area, pharmacy, mid-wife centre and a space for ambulance and electric generator have been added. A nice garden with shady plants now serves as a retreat and a healthy “micro climate”.

Other Projects


Parallel to the medical care offered, social and preventative programmes have been implemented. A school has been provided with teaching materials and a swimming class has been initiated to teach fishermen’s children how to swim. The first child to take advantages of this was in 1995. A football club has also been founded, with the aim to provide the young people with a social network and discourage criminal activity in the area.