For such a direct project of this kind it is astounding how many people and in what constellation are working behind the scenes to make it reality. Initiated by two flight attendants, and supported by private persons, it is also helped enormously by young talent from the media and communications branch in Berlin. From the organisation of donations, to presentation and documentation, all persons working with Sage Hospital e.V do so on a voluntary basis.

The Sage Group in Berlin also jointly ‘adopted’ the hospital. It organises in cooperation with and Manteuffel-Entertainment regular events. At these Dates all crew and artists work for free, the proceeds going directly to the hospital. As well as raising money, these events raise awareness amongst young people of a worthy cause and give the message that being charitable can also be fun.

Also the Foto Agency has become a ‘godparent’ to the hospital. From keeping this website up to date to releasing press releases, it deals with all aspects of P.R. It also helps the e.V concerning administrative and organisational questions.

Photographer Peer Schröder is part of the documenting team. He also co-ordinates necessary repairs from Berlin as well as locally and organises the goods shipments.

Christian v. Manteuffel (Manteuffel Entertainment) is responsible for artistic support and DJ booking at events.

Since the start of Sage hospital e.V. in 2003 Branko May has been doing all the programming as well as web hosting work of the different phases of our webpage.


In order to raise awareness of this project there has been an intensive publicity drive. Apart from the constant updating of the website there have also been a lot of articles published in various magazines and newspapers. There have also been reports in television and on radio. There was even a radio and television advert made featuring the well known German actor Ben Becker, which was shown in over 100 cinemas and broadcast on various radio stations.

These measures ensure that the project reaches more people and encourage more possible donors. Despite the commitment and successes of those involved in the project, it depends on private donations.

Only through the support of a lot of people can we continue our successes and provide effective help to the people who benefit from the hospital.