We’ve made it!


We brought back Samba and Absa to Senegal and tried as far as we could to organise everything for an easy planning of their everyday life
Samba and Absa are both as you know at Les Cajoutiers – in our eyes THE nicest school with the BEST programm we have ever seen there:-)

Absa feels very good at Les Cajoutiers. She has very sweet girlfriends . During the lunch-break she now has 30 min. of physiotherapie at the “infirmerie” of the school with Ali, the nurse.

Fatou is doing well. We have visited her at her school during the Mardi gras party given there. She looked very pretty in her traditional costume. She was very happy to see us.

Samba is now doing twice a week Judo at Le Cajoutiers, and HE LOVES IT!During his stay in Berlin he often asked to take lessons and unfortunately this was not possible due to his stomach tube.
These Judo classes are his highlight in his weekly plan.

He is very attentive at school. Sits in the first row. There are 53 children in his class (incl. Samba) and Mme Claire, his teacher is young very nice but strict and has a lot of patience.
Samba does all his best to catch up with both languages, french and wolof.

His judo teacher, ……used to be a member of the olypmpic team in 1987 and even was 5 years in Germany at the Cologne Judo Club. He stills speaks well german and is delighted to freshen up his skills with lill’ Samba.

We have informed all the persons concerned about the significance of hygienne in Samba’s everyday life

In Gagnabougou:
Due to the death of Marieme´s sister , there are 5 more children in her household. We couln’t keep on to our plans of small reconstructions at Samba’s house and had to find an interim situation for the next weeks. The big number of family members living there we will have to adapt the reconstructions.
Our finances at the time being cannot cover all those costs.

Every morning departure from Gagnabougou with the Schoolbus Samba an 3 kids are the first to get on the bus.
8 am School begins – at 4pm schoolbus to the SAGE Hospital, where he takes his medication, a shower and has evtl. dinner.

Everyday Sidi, Samba´s uncle picks him up at approx. 5.30pm and brings him back by car to Gagnabougou.

We have tried this schedule during our stay in Senegal and for the moment we have the feeling that Samba is fine with it.

However our BEST case scenario would be, to allow Samba to be with his family a maximum of time.
But for that we will have to first plan the financing of the construction works .

Samba will come back to Berlin for his treatment and event. operation at the HELIOS clinic at the beginning of June.

We are all very excited to hear what he will tell us and hope he health will be fine til´ then

We still have a lot to report about SAGE Hospital itself and have a lot of plans ………..more to come shortly!

Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support, your interest and your loyalty „heart“-Emoticon

Your SAGE Hospital Team
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Musik bewegt!


Passt! “Feiern hilft & Musik bewegt!” Dankeschön, Jungs!
Wir freuen uns! The BossHoss


Seit 13 Jahren engagiert sich der Sage Hospital e.V. nun erfolgreich für den Aufbau eines Kinderkrankenhauses im Senegal (Mbour/ Warang). Der letzte Baustein in diesem Puzzle ist ein steriler Raum bzw. OP-Block, um lebenswichtige und einfache Eingriffe direkt vor Ort zu ermöglichen. Über einen online Kalender können sich Ärzteteams aus aller Welt oder der lokalen Region dann bewerben, um diese Basis ehrenamtlich zu nutzen.

Um diese Vision bzw. Kür im nächsten Jahr umzusetzen, muss der Verein vorerst seine Pflicht erfüllen und malen, spachteln und reparieren. Die letzten beiden Regenzeiten haben viel Schaden verursacht, der behandelt werden muss.

Mit den Spenden soll nicht nur das Material finanziert werden, sondern ebenfalls der Arbeitseinsatz bzw. Transport vor Ort. Das kleine Netzwerk des Vereins vor Ort basiert auf den Spezialisten in allen Bereichen (inkl. Mittel) von Warang. Dieses Personal wird für den Aufwand und Einsatz selbstverständlich entschädigt. Der Sage Hospital e.V. freut sich über jede Unterstützung!

Reise November 2015


Good News!


Dear Friends, dear Family and Donators,

first of all thank you so much for the loving messages, sms, emails and wishes we have received the last days for Samba’s big Day.

Your positive Energy was a big support for Lill’ Samba „heart“-Emoticon

Yesterday was “The big Day”, the delicate and complicated operation lasted 8,5 hours – alltogether from 8am until 6.30pm.

Samba ist doing FINE.

The Doctors are very SATISFIED about the results!

At the time being Samba is under intensiv care where he will stay for the next 7 days. Due the the long operation his lungs need 100% ventilatory assistance.

Afterwards he will go back to the pediatric surgery ward where he will probably stay for the next 7 to 12 weeks.

Dr. Schlesinger is now totally sure that Samba would have never had any chances to survive without this medical operation.

For the time being the HELIOS Klinik is the best place for Samba, he is in the BEST HANDS and is becoming the BEST medical support he can get.

The clinic personnel has known him for over 11 months.The doctors, nurses and trainees are “fans” from Samba and give him all the affection and care he needs to get well soon!

Yesterday all of them where so tense and looking forward to receiving good news about Samba’s operation.
at this point:
THANK YOU SO MUCH to the staff of the ward for Intensive care, pediatric surgery and pediatric Neuro-Orthopedics

Well Construction in 77 Steps




10 Jahre Sage Hopsital


SONNTAG 25.08.2013
SAGE RESTAURANT | Strand | Pavillon | Zirkus | Fiese Remise

Joel Mull (Truesoul / Stockholm)
Steve Rachmad (100% Pure / Amsterdam)
Phonique b2b Diogo Accioly (Ladies & Gentlemen / Berlin / Sao Paulo)
Andre Gardeja (Freizeitglauben)
David Dorad (Bachstelzen)
Elliver (Katermukke)
Cotumo (Burlesque Musique)
Branko (Sage Hospital)
Get Serious (Restructured Records)
Max Gaudium (Fiese Remise)
Sabine Hoffmann (Fiese Remise)

The Kilinba Orchestra (Afro-Reggae aus dem Senegal)
Itch (Melting Pop aus Frankreich)
Afrokaya (Reggae aus Mosambik)


Der als gemeinnützig anerkannte Verein SAGE Hospital e.V. finanziert das Personal und alle laufenden Kosten eines Krankenhauses im Senegal in Westafrika, einer der ärmsten Regionen der Welt.Alle am Projekt beteiligten Personen arbeiten ehrenamtlich und ohne jeglichen finanziellen Gewinn. DJ´s und Liveacts verzichten auf ihre Gagen.Feiert mit uns für einen guten Zweck!

SAGE Hospital is a hospital for children in Senegal, West Africa, located two hours South of Dakar by car. It´s also charity project from Berlin. Everyone involved in the project does so without financial reward and even the artist playing for free. Every donation helps and goes directly to the hospital helping its estimated 700 patients a month.

Ein extrafettes DANKESCHÖN gebührt in diesem Jahr:

- dem Hotel Indigo, für die kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellten Unterkünfte für Künstler aus dem Ausland
- dem Comiczeichner-, Grafiker- und Künstlerduo Bringmann & Kopetzki für das tolle Artwork
- der Firma PinguinDruck für die Übernahme der Druckkosten unserer Flyer
- der Firma Primeline für die kostenlose Verteilung unserer Flyer
- unseren Medienpartnern Freshguide, Zitty, 030 und Greatest Berlin.
- der Agentur DiePhotodesigner.de für selbstlosen Einsatz an allen Ecken

Ein extrafettes DANKESCHÖN gebührt in diesem Jahr:
- dem Berliner Urban Culture Channel “eNtR berlin” für den medialen Support und kreativen Input

Ohne euren Support wäre diese Veranstaltung nicht möglich.


Dear friends, family and donators,


five months have passed by since we came back to Berlin with Samba, Absa and Fatou.
Time to give you a medical update about the progress of “our” three children.

she is doing really good! she supported both operations without any problems.
She is wearing 23 hours a day per mass made compression jacket and has regained a total mobility of her arms again.
She now speaks german and french, Fatou is very funny, clever and even learned to ride a bike in 20 minutes time…………she is looking forward to starting school in Mbour in october and will travel back to Senegal with Awa (our nurse) in the middle of september 2014.
also she is doing very good. She is so courageous and does everyday her physiotherapy……no matter what!
The doctors have decided that she will have to wear the fixator longer than priginally planned since her bones need obvioulsly more time to grow together.
Absa will get all the time she needs to heal completely and will stay in Berlin for some more weeks. Also she is so much looking forward to going back to school in Warang ( http://www.lescajoutiers.com
). We are giving her all the support she needs in order to start school in Senegal with a little delay but……….well prepared….
……..our Samba…….we are still praying for a miracle!
unfortunately we do not have to much good news about Samba…
He sufforred of an obstruction of the bowels, caused by the ballon of his stomach tube that punched into his bowel. Causing his bowel to cramp in itself – so to say to self destruct itself- Samba had an immrdiate operation…….his bowel where able to uncramp and are now recovering rapidly.
This critical incident will have no effect on his health in the future since it has been traced and operated in a very first stage.

After the good news……..now to the bad news;

Unfortunately Samba?s oesophagus is not really reacting to all the operations he is getting weekly since febuary!

Citation of his surgeons: At this stage of therapy, Samba has no chance to survive!

As soon as the operations to dilate his oesophagus have a gap of more than 8/10 days the oesophagus contracts back again.
This means that as soon as he goes back to Senegal and does not recieve his weekly surgery the oesophagus will retract completly again and Samba would not be able to eat anymore……….we would then be back at the beginning……..and at that point NOTHING CAN BE DONE ANYMORE!

If Samba would have a been a german child with the same problem, the doctors would dilate his oesophagus for a period of 12 months……should nothing change until febuary 2015……..his last chance to survive would be…….. a very critical operation…….

Dear Friends you can imagine that we will do EVERYTHING in our power to give Samba as much chances as he deserves and want him to have a long and happy life.
This is why we made the only possible decision and will keep Samba in Berlin and medical care as long as it is necessary for a full recovery.

Like any other child in such a situation Samba needs his MOM! We have decided to have her come to Berlin for a visit of approx. 4 weeks.
In order to make this possible we NEED YOUR HELP AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT!
Samba’s mom visit to Berlin would cost about 2000€ – 3000€ for:
- Full fare roundtrip ticket from Dakar to Berlin
- insurances (accident, illness, civil rights etc…)
- application for passport and visa
- assistance in berlin
- clothing depending on the season at her arrival


THANK YOU in advance for your financial support………every Euro is needed.
SAGE Hospital e.V.
Berliner Bank
IBAN : DE02 1009 0000 7189 7660 03

Thank you in advance for your support…………………..we need every euro you can bare!


Lill’ Samba, Fatou and Absa will be coming to Berlin to receive the medical aid they desperately need.

1. Lill’ Samba will get surgery and hopefully a new oesophagus

2. Absa seems to have the seldom sickness called: “glass-bone desease”

3. Fatou got badly burnt while helping in the kitchen

SAGE Hospital will be bringing the children to Berlin in 2 weeks approx.

It would be fantastic if someone had a KID’S WHEELCHAIR FOR Absa’s transport (her bones are terribly fragile)

Thank you “Ein für Kinder” for taking in charge ALL the medical costs and transport for the 3 chlildren . Nothing would have been possible without their support!

Thank you to doctors of the HELIOS Klinik in Buch and the Unfallklinik für Schwerverbrannten in Marzahn, who will take care of the children for an unbeatable humanitarian price.

The surgeons are operating the children for FREE – we are overwhelmed.

Our 3 Angels will be staying for a few monts in Berlin.

SAGE Hospital is now calling – we will again NEED YOUR SUPPORT for any extra cost during their stay in Berlin but also for their return back home to Senegal after their reconvalecence.

We would appreciate any donation for our 3 Angels and their families on our SAGE Hospital e.V. account:

Berliner Volksbank
Kto. 718 97 66 003
BLZ 100 900 00

Containerbeladung 2013


Senegal 2013 – Working for SAGE HOSPITAL


1000 thanks to Ein Herz für Kinder, the forwarding ITG, and the many many volunteers in Berlin and on the trip.
You all have made ​​it possible, to achieve such a great result.

Journey 2012 to SAGE HOSPITAL


At the beginning of November again a team from Berlin travelled to SAGE HOSPITAL in Warang.

This time we rehabilitated the fountaion, build a new oven for burning rubish and a new room for the generator. For a better climate on the hospital ground we planted several trees. We repaiered the ambulance and installed the equipment we shipped to Senegal.

At the same time again 120 children of the school “Les Cajoutiers” got a medical health care.

The week ended with a party for the inhabitants of Warang. We showed pictures of the journey an the “Lions of Warang” impressed us with a fire performance.

Thanks a lot to the hard working Team Cynthia and Katharina, Jack and Niko, branko, Dirk, Ingo and Ken.

We will show the diffent projects more detailed during the upcoming months.

Arriving of the Container 2012 at SAGE HOSPITAL


After nearly four weeks on the ship the container finally reached the hospital during our stay there. Althoug customs in Senegal took some days we got everything and installed all the equipment.

Again special thanks to ITG who made this transport possible!

Container 2012 for SAGE HOSPTIAL


Thank you all who helped us again to send a container to SAGE HOSPITAL. This morning we packed the container to bring him to the ship toDakar. We will hopefully see him again in 3 weeks in Senegal.

Many thanks to the crew Cynthia, Kathraina, Schraddi, Branko, Ingo, Christian, Ken, Morsch, Pudel, Tille, Lukas, Andrejs und Arnoldo.

Special thanks to ITG who made this transport possible!



Bei fabelhaftem Wetter, einer grandiosen Stimmung, guter Musik und glücklichen 800 Besuchern konnten wir letzten Sonntag am Beach des SAGE Restaurant 10.600 Euro generieren.
Mit diesen Einnahmen sind die Gehälter unserer sechs Mitarbeiter im Krankenhaus in Warang für die nächsten Monate und unser zweiter Gesundheitscheck mit den notwendigen Impfungen, die wir in Zusammenarbeit mit den lokalen Ärzten vor Ort für die Kinder durchführen, gesichert. Desweiteren wird im Oktober 2012 ein gesponserter Container (von der Firma ITG) mit medizinischen Gütern von Berlin nach Dakar verschifft. Der restliche Teil der Einnahmen wird für die Zollbefreiung und für den Transport dieser lebensnotwendigen Sachspenden zum Kinderkrankenhaus verwendet.
Wir freuen uns von Herzen diese Ziele bei unserer nächsten Reise realisieren zu können.
Überglücklich können wir an dieser Stelle nur noch ein großartiges DANKE an all unsere Spender und freiwilligen Helfer und Mitarbeiter des SAGE Restaurant aussprechen!
Unser besonderer Dank gilt: Room Division und Goerner-Schweizer für den technischen Support, Oppfiine für das Sternzelt, Hotel Indigo für das schöne Zimmer, Plantage 13 und Get Closer für Oliver Huntemann, Wilde Bookings und Playkula für Bloody Mary und Andre Crom, Rompecabeza für Daniel Steinberg, Flux FM fürs Clubsandwich, Sage Cars für den noblen Shuttle, Tresor, Watergate und BerMuDa fürs Weitersagen, allen Künstlern und Mitarbeitern für die gute Arbeit, sowie unseren Getränkepartnern Smirnoff, Pampero, Corona, Carlsberg, Astra, Geldermann, Vösslauer und Red Bull.

12. Berliner Hoffest von Klaus Wowereit


Again the Sage Restaurant organised the after-show party at the festival “Hoffest” of our patron, the governing mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit.

The Sage Hospital e.V. was also present again in a lounge in the red town hall. In a collaboration of Room Division, Manteuffel Entertainment and diephotodesigner.de the project was explained to interested visitors.

We would like to thank all guests and of course, especially Klaus Wowereit.

It is great that although he is involved in a huge amount of politic tasks he does not forget the many small but important projects.

Donation of the hospital in Jena


Many thanks to Falco who donated urgently needed medical furniture and equipment.
Thanks to Jana, Schraddi and Schneider for the transport.

11. Berliner Hoffest von Klaus Wowereit


The Sage Hospital e.V. again was invited by his protector the major of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit to present the project at the annual “Hoffest” in the city hall.

This year we showed an exhibition in cooperation with Marco Riedel from Room Division.

Together with the children of Warang we worked out some pictures with the theme “it’s in your hands” at our last trip to Senegal. They painted their thoughts about the relationship to the hospital. This was initiated to give them a feeling of partnership and responsibility for each other.

The result were 18 small pieces of art which we sold to interested guests. The profit will proceed directly to the project again.

There are still some pictures left. If you are interested please contact Marco at marco@roomdivision.com.

Les Cajoutiers


“Les Cajoutiers” is an association in Warang/Senegal that helps children in difficulties to find a better future.

The schoolproject managed by Sophie Camara-Corynen from Belgium is a real succes. After three years the school counts already 180 students.

In the two comming years, the school is expecting over 500 students, this means that in those two years the school has to expand and build six classes in 2011. The total costs are paid by privat sponsors.

At our last trip to Senegal the Sage Hospital supported the school with urgently needed equipment and material like paper, pens etc. And of course we brought some sweets for the kids…

more informations: www.lescajoutiers.com

KUS – KinderUnterSuchung


During our last trip to SAGE HOSPITAL we organised a two day medical child examination (KinderUnerSuchung) for about 200 pupils of the school “Les Cajoutiers”.

These children belong to the poorest population-layer in Senegal and all live in the villages surrounding SAGE Hospital.

For 80% of these children this visit to a doctor was a first time happening! They recieved a complete check- up and went through the following medical stations:

1. our pediatrist Dr. Labou
2. a dentist
3. an ophthalmologist
4. all children were given an “anti- parasite” treatment
5. all vaccinations were updated
6. necessary medication was given directly at our Pharmacy at the SAGE Hospital
7. eventually reading glasses were distributed

This check might be beside their education at the school another small step into a – hopefully – better future.

This wounderful project was free of charge for the children and their families. It could only realised with the help and generous donation of all the friends and sponsors of SAGE Hospital e.V., who have always supported and trusted us in our actions. We would like to thank all of them who helped us make this happen.

More informations about the school “Les Cajoutiers”:

The Helping Hounds of Hell – The catalogue


For the charity exhibition event “the helping hounds of hell” internationally renowned artists designed 100 skateboard which will be shown at two exhibtinos in Berlin and Hamburg. The sales profit will be donated to the hospital.

The project was initiated by the design “groupe de Jour” from Berlin. Together with the Hamburg gallery “Heliumcowboy Artspace” they curated and researched artists for the project. Photo shooting for the printed catalogue as well as event organisation was done by diephotodesigner.de.