Trip to Senegal 03 – Warang, school for Nianing, harbour of MBour


Through taking stock on site next year’s service was guaranteed. We also visited the neighbouring village Nianing’s elementary school which has been supported with educational material and is part of
partnership programs with German families.

Trip to Senegal 02 – work at the hospital


During a 3-week period Sage Hospital club members and volunteers together with helping hands from Warang are carrying out repairs on and in the building: The roofs of hospital, waiting room, pharmacy and midwife house will be repaired and sealed. All facades as well as interior walls will be levelled out and painted. The 10KW emergency power generator as well as refrigerators for drugs will be installed and put into operation.

Trip to Senegal 01 – Warang, MBour


All club members as well as volunteers are travelling to Senegal. Parallel to the trip the compiled goods such as drugs, clothes, specs as well as tools, construction material and an emergency power
generator will be shipped to the hospital.


We are preparing this year’s delivery of essential drugs and consumer goods to the hospital. We are also in conversation with the German and Senegalese embassy about transport and import of relief supplies. Necessary repairs are planned as well as the compilation of tools and construction materials which will be transported by Lufthansa Cargo this October.

The Helping Hounds of Hell – Private View in Hamburg


The 2nd private view of the exhibition „the helping hounds of hell“ took place at the Hamburg Helium Cowboy Artspace Gallerie on 08.02.2008 – through the initiative of Groupe de Jour and the
cooperation with gallery owner Jörg Heikhaus almost 14,000 Euros have been earned for Sage Hospital with the selling of the skateboards.

The Helping Hounds of Hell – Vernissage Berlin


After the successful opening of our skateboard exhibition “the helping hounds of hell” at Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin we would like to thank all our guests for the great evening.

We would also like to thank everybody who has worked voluntarily during the last 6 months to make this project happen.

The Helping Hounds of Hell – The catalogue


For the charity exhibition event “the helping hounds of hell” internationally renowned artists designed 100 skateboard which will be shown at two exhibtinos in Berlin and Hamburg. The sales profit will be donated to the hospital.

The project was initiated by the design “groupe de Jour” from Berlin. Together with the Hamburg gallery “Heliumcowboy Artspace” they curated and researched artists for the project. Photo shooting for the printed catalogue as well as event organisation was done by