Begehung im Krankenhaus


Besuch im Krankenhaus mit Begehung und Festlegung der nötigen Reparatur- und Ausbaumassnahmen für 2008

Red House Classics


The Otto-Sinfoniker gave a charity concert in the great hall of the Rote Rathaus in Berlin, after that there was a concert performed by Young Voices Brandenburg in the location’s Wappensaal.

Charity Golf Tournament


The revenue of 1,000 Euros of the 2nd “Royal Benzinger Golfturnier” taking place in Prenden’s golf club close to Berlin has been donated to the Sage Hospital society. We’d like to thank the initiators Martin Propp und Matthias Steur for this as well as for their effort and work.

More information about the turnier can be found online at

Donation by children’s clinic Hirslanden


The Zurich children’s clinic Hirslanden donates a big amount of medical equipment to Sage Hospital such as 2 birth beds, 3 CTGS, examination tables, desinfection liquid dispensers, heat lamps, etc.

See tv spot “Goldelse” by TV Berlin for details.

Trip to the Hospital


The Berlin team visits Senegal to meet with the ambassador of Senegal Cheikh SYLLA and his advisor Abdou Aziz NDIAYE. They also meet with the responsible prefect of the Warang region and with Mr. Lamine Diawara, Ingenieur in Thies, to plan the construction of an incinerator for used medial equipment such as injection needles, cannulas, etc.

They visit Thies’ nurse and midwife training centre to talk about further co-operations and had a site meeting for the new maternity unit McKAY.