Sage Hospital is a hospital for children in Senegal, West Africa, located two hours South of Dakar by car. The hospital was renovated, extended and provided with medical and technical equipment and human resources with the help of Sage Hospital e.V., a charitable organisation set up by Cynthia Clottey and Katherina von Ballestrem in 2003. The generous and dedicated support of private donors made the plans for the hospital a reality. The Sage Club also pledged to jointly ‘adopt’ the hospital organising regular events where all profits go directly to the good cause. Everyone involved in the project does so without financial reward.

Every donation helps and goes directly to the hospital helping its estimated 700 patients a month.


This website is designed to keep you informed and updated on the progress of Sage hospital and to bring the project closer to you.

We’ve made it!


We brought back Samba and Absa to Senegal and tried as far as we could to organise everything for an easy planning of their everyday life
Samba and Absa are both as you know at Les Cajoutiers – in our eyes THE nicest school with the BEST programm we have ever seen there:-)

Absa feels very good at Les Cajoutiers. She has very sweet girlfriends . During the lunch-break she now has 30 min. of physiotherapie at the “infirmerie” of the school with Ali, the nurse.

Fatou is doing well. We have visited her at her school during the Mardi gras party given there. She looked very pretty in her traditional costume. She was very happy to see us.

Samba is now doing twice a week Judo at Le Cajoutiers, and HE LOVES IT!During his stay in Berlin he often asked to take lessons and unfortunately this was not possible due to his stomach tube.
These Judo classes are his highlight in his weekly plan.

He is very attentive at school. Sits in the first row. There are 53 children in his class (incl. Samba) and Mme Claire, his teacher is young very nice but strict and has a lot of patience.
Samba does all his best to catch up with both languages, french and wolof.

His judo teacher, ……used to be a member of the olypmpic team in 1987 and even was 5 years in Germany at the Cologne Judo Club. He stills speaks well german and is delighted to freshen up his skills with lill’ Samba.

We have informed all the persons concerned about the significance of hygienne in Samba’s everyday life

In Gagnabougou:
Due to the death of Marieme´s sister , there are 5 more children in her household. We couln’t keep on to our plans of small reconstructions at Samba’s house and had to find an interim situation for the next weeks. The big number of family members living there we will have to adapt the reconstructions.
Our finances at the time being cannot cover all those costs.

Every morning departure from Gagnabougou with the Schoolbus Samba an 3 kids are the first to get on the bus.
8 am School begins – at 4pm schoolbus to the SAGE Hospital, where he takes his medication, a shower and has evtl. dinner.

Everyday Sidi, Samba´s uncle picks him up at approx. 5.30pm and brings him back by car to Gagnabougou.

We have tried this schedule during our stay in Senegal and for the moment we have the feeling that Samba is fine with it.

However our BEST case scenario would be, to allow Samba to be with his family a maximum of time.
But for that we will have to first plan the financing of the construction works .

Samba will come back to Berlin for his treatment and event. operation at the HELIOS clinic at the beginning of June.

We are all very excited to hear what he will tell us and hope he health will be fine til´ then

We still have a lot to report about SAGE Hospital itself and have a lot of plans ………..more to come shortly!

Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support, your interest and your loyalty „heart“-Emoticon

Your SAGE Hospital Team
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Begonnen hat die gemeinsame Geschichte von The BossHoss und dem SAGE Hospital an Bord eine Flugzeuges von Berlin nach Spanien. Alec und Sascha waren damals gerade unterwegs zum Aazkena Festival. Wie immer gab es für die Jungs auf einem Kurzstreckenflug dieser Art nicht allzu viel zu tun und so kamen die beiden mit der Flugbegleiterin Cynthia Clottey in Gespräch, die zu den Gründern des Vereins SAGE Hospital gehört. Cynthia erzählte den Jungs von ihrer Arbeit für das Kinderkrankenhaus, Alex und Sascha waren sofort begeistert.
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